5 Ideas To Make Your Living Room Cosier

Re-decorating is becoming a big pastime in times of self-isolation. Spending more time at home than usual has made us pay even more attention to every detail of our house, and want to improve the aspect of our rooms with simple elements that achieve great results. 

Living room decoration is one of our favourite topics. It is the space where we spend most of the time, where we enjoy some time alone reading a book, watch a film with the family or make our office to work remotely. This is why help you design a cosy and warm living room that you love is one of Good Joan's objectives and our way to contributing to living these times with a positive and hopeful attitude!

Take note of this 10 easy ideas to have the living room of your dreams without effort.

1. Go for a warm colour palette.

On top of the classic neutrals like soft ivory, bone and white, warm deep tones such as blue grey or earthy tones are perfect to contribute creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. While it's not necessary that they dominate the space, just adding a few details or accents can help switch the mood of your living room. Spaces dominated by warm colours are ideal for reading and chilling in a peaceful environment. 

How to make your living room more cosy 10 ideas, go for warmer tones, warm earthy neutrals colour palette

The earthy tones of the Eleanor mugs are a subtle addition to the curated colours of your living room when having your morning coffee or serving the afternoon tea!

How to make your living room more cosy 10 ideas, go for warmer tones, earthy tones ceramic mugs


2. Walking on clouds

Add a soft cotton accent rug. Putting it by the door it's a great way to set the mood from the entrance. Accents are really easy to implement and work wonders!


Area rugs are also a very good option- you can use this chance to freshen up you living room by playing with new colours and textures. Like with this 100% cotton woven rug, we love the colour palette of terracottas, soft grey and sand.


3. Baskets are the perfect storage accessory

The living room becomes many times the ideal place to store many objects we have around the house, like the book we are reading or the blanket we use to cover ourselves when laying in the sofa. Baskets with a natural aesthetic are our favourite and perfect for this end.





4. Up your wall art game

The devil is in the details. This is also true for home decoration and art is an important aspect of it. You can for illustration, handmade drawings on cotton canvas or oil based paintings. The key is to choose artworks that bring originality and warmth to your walls while keeping a nice cosy vibe in your living room!

Refreshing your walls with new modern paintings, like our favourite abstract one-line drawing on cotton canvas below, it's one of our preferred choices. 

How to make your living room more cosy 10 ideas, go for warmer tones, soft one-line drawing abstract modern cool wall art painting


 How to make your living room more cosy 10 ideas, go for warmer tones, minimal warm mix & match wall art painting


5. Bring the plants in

Do not underestimate the therapeutic effect of having some greenery around you. We have these options for you to add a natural touch while keeping your living area warm, cosy and stylish. 

A vintage French cottage-style vase in a soft ivory colours will bring a rustic yet warm vibe to your living room. 

If your style is more bohemian you'll prefer a hand-woven macrame plant hanging pot. Simple and gorgeous it will add lots of personality to the room!
How to make your living room more cosy 10 ideas, go for warmer tones, macrame handmade woven wall art plant pot hanging holder

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