Things you need to know: ceramics, explained.

There are many types of tableware materials on the market - plastic, glass, melamine, ceramic, wood, etc. However, ceramic is by far the most durable and widely used choice. Unlike melamine and plastic wares, ceramic tableware is highly resistant to stains and it is microwave safe. Similarly, ceramic pieces are less susceptible to breakage, and are more temperature resistant than glass.

Do note though, that the term ‘ceramic’ is actually a catch-all phrase that includes earthenware, stoneware, bone china, fine china and porcelain. And, each type can vary in appearance, durability, porosity and texture! Here, we’ve done a quick breakdown of each.


Things to know when buying ceramic tableware. Ceramic types and differences, earthenware, stoneware, bone china, porcelain and fine china

We hope this helps you make a decision when buying ceramics for your home. If you want to know more about any of these types, comment below and we will do our best to share with you all the information we have :)

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