Lighting always plays an important aspect in any interior space. Good lighting can make or break a room, and even affect your mood! Natural lighting is very important, so hopefully your house has large windows and lots of natural light. If this is not the case don't despair! There are ways to compensate for small windows, for example place mirrors on walls opposite to windows, so that they’d reflect daylight and create a brighter home, and put more emphasis in having lamps you love that add style and character to your room.

Accent lighting is key in room's decoration. These lights are generally used to highlight certain characteristics of your home, bringing a warmer light next to the sofa or providing a soft reading light on to your favourite chair. They're also design central and further define the look of your décor. Whether your home's style is traditional, minimalist, modern, vintage or eclectic, you can be sure the lighting fixtures will accentuate the whole interior arrangement. 

Make sure you position the lamps properly, taking room size into consideration and match them properly with the furniture, the walls, the floors and the chromatic palette.